Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Regiment from Fat Quarter Shoppe's Jolly Bars

Regiment Quilt 43.5" x 52"

The online store the Fat Quarter Shop will be
shipping kits for this quilt made from my Moda Union Blues line.

They are offering a new pre-cut package that is exclusive to their shop. Their Jolly Bar pack includes 42 pieces that are cut 5" x 10".

 The kit for the Regiment quilt offers enough fabric pieces to make the 43-1/2" x 52" quilt plus fabric for binding and backing.

The backing yardage is 8293-11

The price for the kit is $67.48. It will be shipped in March. Order the kit or the Jolly Bar pack here at the Fat Quarter Shop:

You can arrange a finished 4-1/2" x 9-1/2" rectangle into a variety of patterns.

See some other ideas at this post:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Waiting for Our Ship to Come In

You may be waiting...

and waiting for your ship to come in.

And not even realize that it's already here.

It's just not getting unloaded.

The other day I was complaining to my friend Bettina
that I hadn't gotten any new fabric in awhile.
She sez:
"Do you think the West Coast shipping troubles could be a factor?"


World trade issues affecting me?

How many bolts of fabric are sitting in the dock of the bay?
(This is bolts Photoshopped onto a ship)

Read this article on fabric and the shipping back up:

No it's not a quilt. It's a ship full of containers waiting to be unloaded.
This is an actual picture from the air.

This also might be relevant to the lumber I am waiting for on my new front porch.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm in QuiltMania

Carol has written a very nice article about her visit to
my house last fall.

See the current issue: January/February 2015

I did a post when they came to visit. Guy took photos
of several of my antique quilts.
This one arrived while they were there. We hung it up. It's perfect for the spot.

Here are a couple of others from the magazine.
I love this one because the maker substituted Cheerio-like
shapes for the sunflower blocks when she ran out.

Another of my favorites. A great combination
of order and chaos.

See QuiltMania's English page here:

And my post about their visit:

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Morris Jewels

Moda's sales reps are showing quilt shop buyers another color collection
of my Best of Morris line. 

We printed a separate line of the same prints called the Morris Jewels. Yardage is scheduled to be delivered mid-July with pre-cuts like Layer Cakes in early summer. 

Morris Jewels in Pink Garnet colorway
Here's the description:

William Morris meets pure color in The Morris Jewels. Fabric historian Barbara Brackman has updated favorite prints by the nineteenth-century design master. Twenty-first-century color means jewel tones that give today’s quilters a range from pink garnet and emerald green to sapphire blue and topaz. You’ll love putting color on color with these classic yet contemporary prints.



Sapphire Blue


See a PDF with more information by clicking here:

Spectacular fabric calls for spectacular plans. I haven't seen a square inch of this fabric YET, but I have been Photoshopping.  I'm thinking explosions of color.

Maybe tamed with a yellow Bella Solid as a neutral.

Lime Green always makes a good neutral.
The inspiration here is those turn-of-the-century
Pennsylvania stars.

Actual Star quilt from southeastern Pennsylvania about
1880-1920. From Cowhollow Collectibles.

William Morris meets the Pennsylvania Mennonites.

Virtual Star quilt
The collection also offers 10 colors shaded in Grunge fashion,

adding another layer of texture.

Would William be on board?
He WAS a radical in many ways.

More Photoshopping for inspiration

I can Photoshop a lot better than I can sew 
so these are not going to get made.

Unless, of course, you readers accept the challenge.

Scaling back the dream blocks......
Here's a pattern for a 32" block from BlockBase & EQ7

And a link to a pattern Lissa did for McCall's Quilting about a year ago, using 2-1/2" Moda
JellyRoll strips.

They offer a free download.

You could re-color it, sorta like this.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Heart Wreath from Fat-Quarter Fancywork

Feathered Heart Block by Karla Menaugh
18" x 18"

For Valentine's Day Karla and I are giving you a free quilt pattern for the Feathered Heart wreath we designed for our book Fat-Quarter Fancywork. 

Fat-Quarter Folk Dance sampler by Karla 

The book is almost out-of-print, and we hate to see this wonderful heart design disappear. So here it is in a JPG. I scanned the page in the book so it's not the best image but you can use it easily for a pattern.

How to print:

  • Create a Word file or a new empty JPG file that is 8-1/2" x 11".
  • Click on the image above.
  • Right click on it and save it to your file.
  • Print that file out 8-1/2" x 11". The pattern itself should measure about 8" across.
  • The 8" pattern would fit a 10"-15" finished block, but we planned it for an 18" block. Enlarge it 150%.
  • Cut 1 of the wreath, the heart, the bird and 49 of the berries, which finish to 3/4".
  • Add seams to the pattern.
  • Cut a background square 18-1/2" (Karla says 19"to allow for shrinkage as you applique.)


Above are fabric suggestions from two of my latest Moda collections, Richmond Reds and Union Blues.

For the feathered heart wreath you need a 13" square of red. The berries in blue and red can be scraps or cut from Charm squares, as can the bird and the small heart. For the background, which finishes to 18", you need a fat quarter. (Hence, the name of our book Fat Quarter Fancywork).

Our inspiration for this pattern came from the album quilts of Baltimore in the late 1840s. Several quilts we've seen in online auctions include a variation of the heart wreath.

Quilt date-inscribed 1845 from the Maine Antique Digest

Quilt date-inscribed 1850, Mary Boyd from
Skinner Auctions

Karla and I called it a Feathered Heart but I notice in my new catalog from the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum that curator Alden O'Brien and her team of researchers call it a "heart-shaped berry wreath," which describes it better.

Quilt date-inscribed 1848 from McCullough Auctions

Quilt date-inscribed 1847 from a Skinner Auction.
This block celebrates President Andrew Jackson,
who died in 1845.

It's signed:
"Presented by Miss Mary Ann Grooms/Democracy is my Motto/Baltimore/1847."

Miss Grooms named the block (or is it the pattern? ) "General Jackson's Heart". Part of that inscription is at top left above. See more at Skinner:

Album Quilt made for Betsy Hobbs Harper & Wm. Harper.
Collection of the D.A.R. Museum

One of the quilts in the DAR Museum's current show Eye on Elegance features a "heart-shaped berry wreath" in the center block, similar in shape to the "General Jackson's Heart" above.

The red wreath also refers to Andrew Jackson. As best I can make out from the catalog photo the inking on the left reads:

"Andrew Jackson's Heart. Victory at New Orleans. January 8, 1815. 'The Blessings of Government like the dews of Heaven should be equally dispersed on the Rich and Poor.' A.I.W. Jackson."

Perhaps the best name for this heart-shaped wreath might be "Jackson's Heart."

See the Harper album quilt at this link:

Karla and I have always loved the Fat-Quarter Fancywork book, which we self-published for our Sunflower Pattern Co-operative several years ago. We still have a few copies in our basements. You can buy one at my Etsy shop.

The just-published museum catalog Eye on Elegance is just about ready to ship. See more here: